You must have learned about Devcurate Recruit but still curious to know how it can help improve your hiring process?

Aside from our recent survey result shown above (from over 100 firms that are currently using our hiring solutions), take a look at our brief use cases​ (case studies) below to find our how leading organizations have benefited from using our hiring solutions.

Case 1 | CARE International


Challenge: CARE International was looking for a hiring solution to streamline their application and screening process. The organization previously accepted applications via several channels including via direct mailbox, resulting in a long shortlisting process. The hiring team was also looking for a screening solution that would allow them to identify candidates with the right skills and personality fit more quickly. 

Solution: Using our Easy Apply, the team was able to promote vacancies and streamline all applications in one place through our hiring dashboard. After which shortlisted candidates were moved to the next funnel and invited to the screening stage with Easy Screening feature. This included video questions to assess candidates personality and team fit, as well as written answer and file submission (attachment) to demonstrate their previous work experience. 

Key benefits:  time-saving, employee fit, streamlined hiring process  



Challenge: With high volume of hiring requests within the Central Retail department, the Recruitment Team was looking for a faster and more systematic way to screen candidates with the right personality and role fit. One-to-one interviews take time and require a lot of dedicated time among Hiring Managers who are typically very busy. Given the limited slots available each day, a typical hiring cycle was extended longer than desired. 

Solution: The Recruitment Team utilized our Easy Screening with shortlisted candidates to automate the highly repetitive pre-screening process. The team was able to quickly select ideal candidates from this initial interviewing stage. After which top candidates were presented to respective management teams for the final interview round. 

Key benefits:  time-saving, improved process, better team collaboration 



Challenge: Dale Carnegie (Thailand) was involved in a country-wide performance evaluation for a leading corporation with employees working across different parts of the country. Due to the COVID-19 situation at the time, the team was faced with a challenge of conducting the assessment in person. The team was looking for a high performing assessment solution that can be executed 100% online

Solution: Our team provided a series of screening solutions starting with a pre-screening stage (in which questions were set in written and multiple-choice format). In the further evaluation stage, candidates were emailed a set of video questions via Easy Screening from which they responded and submitted within a given timeline. The team was able to effectively collaborate with all candidates and evaluate their performance with other evaluators in a significantly less time compared to the previous years.

Key benefits:  time-saving, remote assessment, positive candidate experience

Case 4 | PeopleMatters 


ChallengePeople Matters was looking for a tool to screen and shortlist promising founders across India in “Are You In The List Award”. The event involved a series of selection stages. Given the high volume of participating nominees and multi-stakeholders involved, including a panel of judges, this process would require intensive coordination while being highly time consuming. 

Solution:  In the pre-screening stage of the selection process, the organization utilized our Easy Screening to screen nominees through a standard set of qualifying questions. Nominees across the country responded to video questions within a given deadline. The judges were able to evaluate nominees’ performance in their own time without having to be in the same place or location, thereby accelerating the selection process in this stage.

Key benefits:  time-saving, better team collaboration 

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