SINGAPORE – Did you know that most of us eat over 1,000 meals in a year? Some people stick to the same breakfast, day-in, day out, so that there’s one less decision to make. Others make do with whatever available at the time – be it boxed cereal or leftover noodles, they just need something to fill the stomach. Then there are also others who meticulously curate and prepare their meals, making conscious choices, perhaps for health reasons or maybe for Instagram. 

If something as basic as feeding yourself requires thought, what more your career? The average person spends over 80,000 hours at work in their lifetime, so it’s worth taking some time to choose a career that gives you great contentment and allows you to live your best life. 

But how and where to start?


Early on in my career, I knew that I was drawn to people driven industries.  This led me to a career in recruitment because I could see the immediate impact of my work. As a matchmaker between candidates and organizations, I learnt that looking for a job through a recruitment firm has its advantages. 

Recruiters are able to:

  • Connect you to opportunities that may not be on job portals yet 
  • Get your profile recognized and on top of the pile
  • Leverage on specialist knowledge about movements in your industry and the job market

I was fortunate to work in a firm that was service-oriented towards both candidates and organizations. I enjoyed placing my candidate in their new role because it enabled them to be more aligned to their career goals, earn more money to finance their lifestyle and support their family. What gave me the greatest satisfaction is when I placed candidates in roles that were aligned with their purpose.

But this is now not so common.

This is because recruiters work best with candidates who have a clear idea of what they want. However, some candidates that I met: 

  • Did not know what job they wanted 
  • Were looking for a complete career change but didn’t know where to start
  • Felt stuck and frustrated in their jobs but didn’t know how to make a change

Is this you?


Choosing a suitable career without good guidance can be hit or miss. This is frustrating for both candidates and organizations.

I was passionate about my profession as a recruiter, so I wanted to do more. I discovered coaching and I enjoyed the process of it, which led me to become a career coach to help people find their calling.

With my background in recruitment, I know what recruiters and their corporate clients are looking for. Job-specific requirements aside, a confident, focused candidate with a clear vision of what they want and what they can offer is attractive to all recruiters. 

Very often, those who come to me for career coaching have a hazy idea of what they want. Ninety percent of them are not aware of their purpose. 

Career coaches use different methods of assessment, such as personality tests, interest inventories, accomplishment exercises and more. Coaches also encourage clients to identify and re-assess beliefs that limit them or explore new interests (which may uncover hidden talents).

In essence, I help people discover their purpose so that they will choose a career that is right for them. 

People who have had career coaching:

  • Gain confidence
  • Benefit from insight
  • Feel encouraged and inspired

This change of mindset from hazy to clear takes time to achieve. It might not be fixed in a single session. The same way you won’t expect to lose 10kg after one session with a trainer at the gym.


I have noticed a distinctive shift in the mindset of my clients as their coaching progresses. Their initial frustration, confusion, and uncertainty shifts to more clarity, lightness and motivation

They come out of each session being more self-aware of their blind spots and understand what gets in the way of their career aspirations. They acknowledge their strengths and are able to come up with actionable steps to move forward towards their goals. 

They see a total transformation.

Most of my clients have either landed the job that they desired, or have found that their purpose in life was completely different, but even more meaningful to them. The most positive outcome of career coaching is that you align your values, passion and purpose with the job you eventually choose. 

Career coaching is useful at any point of your professional path. 

If you are just embarking on your career, coaching at this early stage will light the way on best path to take. 

If you are already established in your career but feel unfulfilled, career coaching is a powerful tool to help you discover what you want, understand your values, strengths and weaknesses and equip you with strategies to achieve your goals. 

In a nutshell, having been both a recruiter and a career coach, I have seen the tangible benefits of both. Try to access a career coach if you are able to. Coaching will help you discover your purpose and empower yourself with the mindset to land your ideal career. When you have a clear idea of the job you want and know yourself well, a recruiter or talent network will be useful in marketing your skills. 

My greatest wish is for everyone to feel empowered and to thrive in both work and life. We are all born with gifts; to embrace and harness them and find our purpose is to know true fulfillment.

About the author:

Sophie Leung is the Founder of Your Inner Coaching Journey, where she provides Career and Life Coaching. She is also a hypnotherapist in training. Sophie’s mission is to empower as many people that she encounters to live their fullest expression of themselves, and for them to thrive in work and life!

Website: FB & IG: yourinnercoachingjourney

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