Now that you’ve completed org setup and added members of your hiring team, creating your first job is the next logical step. Let’s see how easy it is.

To create a job, simply click the green “New Job” button at the top-right corner.

⓵ First, fill out the ‘JOB CARD’ section

  • Click to add Managers involved in evaluating candidates.
  • Add ‘Reference No.‘ if you have one.
  • Keep ‘Active Status’ on while this position is active.
  • Tick ‘Remote‘ toggle if this is a remote position.
  • Deadline‘ represents an application deadline.

The steps that follow are relevant to users who use ‘Job posting’ feature to accept applications before screening stage. If you only use our One-Way Video Screening tool (Easy Screening) for interviewing purposes, you may skip the section below.

⓶ Complete the ‘JOB DESCRIPTION‘ section

Complete this section and paste existing job description texts below. Though optional, we recommend adding salary information as this tends to attract more applications.

Finally, choose how to receive applications

You can choose to accept applications via your inbox or direct applicants to external job link. However, choosing EASY APPLY allows you to accept and streamline all applications directly to your dashboard. This allows you to shortlist candidates quickly before moving to the next selection step.

Important: Once you have completed all the sections, you can turn “Show on Job Board” toggle in Step ⓵ above to generate a unique job URL for this position.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your first Job Card! All active Job Cards are shown on your dashboard!

💡 Pro tips:

  • Use the provided job URL to advertise the position across your career networks including social media platforms.
  • To streamline incoming applications, enable EASY APPLY function where interested applicants can apply directly using Easy Apply button.

Note: Data in ‘Summary’ section only include applications that come through the platform via Easy Apply.

Setting QUESTIONS in ‘EASY APPLY’ is easy, see how in the user guide HERE