💡 This user guide is for users who use ‘Job posting’ feature to accept applications.

Now that you’ve created a new Job Card shown on your dashboard, let’s take a closer look at why you should choose ‘Easy Apply’ option and how to optimise it.

We designed ‘Easy Apply‘ to enable hiring teams to manage applicants more effectively. Instead of getting bombarded with applications through inboxes or managing applications across different platforms, Devcurate Recruit allows you to handle all hiring activities with ease. With Easy Apply, you can easily move ideal applicants from the application stage to the screening / interviewing stage in seconds – without needing to refresh the page.

⓵ Choose ‘Easy Apply’ option to receive applications

Choose ‘Easy Apply’ in section. You will be prompted to create a set of questions. These are questions that applicants will provide when applying for a job. You can choose different types of answers from applicants (shown below).

Optionally, you can set criteria (in ‘Criteria Setting’ tab) to determine “ideal applicants”. For example, you can determine a specific skill or quality required that applicants must have.

⓶ Advertise job opening with job URL provided

The button appears in the job listing when you enable ‘Easy Apply’ option. All applications who applied for the job will be visible to you in step.

To optimize this process, make sure to use the provided job URL to advertise the position across your networks including your social media platforms.

💡 Did you know that many impact-driven talent around the world joined Devcurate talent network. We often share job openings within our networks.

⓷ Track / shortlist / reject / manage candidates across hiring funnels

While receiving applications, you can track, shortlist, reject, or move successful applicants to the next selection funnel on the Kanban board. With our integrated One-Way Video Interviews (Easy Screening), you can move potential candidates directly to the interview stage.

Next, automate your candidate screening with ‘Easy Screening’. See how in THe user guide HERE.