Easy Screening is used WHEN…

You have shortlisted applicants from to stage, or
➥ You externally in ‘Easy Screening’ funnel step directly.

⓵ Set interview questions

Screening / interviewing activities begins in . In ‘Easy Screening’ funnel, click “edit” icon to launch the Interview Editor and start creating interview questions connected to this funnel.

Click the “edit” icon to launch the Interview Editor

Most of our users utilise video screening option in order to tap into candidates’ personality and team fit as early as the first screening / interviewing round. However, you can choose other answer types for your candidates to respond, including written, MCQ, or ask your candidates to attach files.

‘Interview Editor’ where you can set screening / interview questions

💡 Pro tips:

  • You may want to check outin this section for a series of recommendations including sample questions and other useful tips.
  • You may begin with essential or “knock off” questions in the question list in order to speed up the evaluation process.

⓶ Invite Candidates

Once you created screening questions in the Interview Editor – whether candidates in this funnel were shortlisted from the ‘Applications’ stage or are just added to the funnel – invite individual candidates (or invite all with button) to respond to those questions. At this stage, you would have set a submission deadline and total interview time allowed for candidates.

💡 Pro tip: Use our default email invitation template or create your own to send to candidates.

⓷ Evaluate Candidates

Once candidates submitted their interview responses, you can start to evaluate individual candidates based on their performance. You can evaluate them on a rolling basis as well and move different candidates to the next stages of your selection process.

All hiring managers (Collaborators) added in each Job Card will be able to assess candidates’ performance and provide feedback. Our system automatically ranks the candidates from the highest scoring for each position. 

💡 Pro tips:

  • You can choose to share certain candidates’ responses (all or partial) with external members (e.g. members of other departments) via feature.
  • You can further automate candidate screening by adding another step for second round of interview. Many of our users use ‘Easy Screening’ for quick elimination, until they identify final few candidates before conducting a final face-to-face/Zoom interviews.

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