Things are happening and ramping up here in Devcurate as we find more ways to make signing up easier for you. Interested impact-driven talents can now sign up using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your personal email with JobCurator 🎉

Here are things you need to know

  • When you sign-up using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, it’ll only take 2 seconds for you to create your profile
  • For Google, LinkedIn, Facebook — you’ll be asked to grant your login permission. When you sign in to Devcurate’s JobCurator next time, you simply click your chosen sign-in option.
Authorize LinkedIn and Devcurate connection to create your profile!

Quick note: Your LinkedIn profile will not automatically be in sync with your Devcurate profile.

If you’ve got several gmail accounts, choose the one that you want to create a Devcurate profile out from
You can even sign-up using Facebook! Make sure to use the same email you use on Facebook when signing in.
  • Take 1 minute to have a go at completing our onboarding questions. You can complete it later once you’re in

Treat this as your digital resume 🌟 We know that this can be a tedious task but it’s a one-time challenge to overcome 🤗

Now if you’re in a hurry and have no time to complete your profile, you can always input all necessary details later on. We would highly advise you to complete your profile so our AI, Devon, can match jobs for you accurately.

By definition of complete is 95% 🤗

Your Dashboard 📋

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a dedicated dashboard where you can access all information as a talent. Aside from useful blogs and updates, enjoy our JobCuration with a list of curated job openings every week, just for you.

A complete profile will help you gain full access to curated job openings

You’ll see Community Updates and Devcurate Blogs. These will be useful to you when you want to try out coaching in the future, receive special announcements, and read insightful blogs we’ve written for you.

Got questions? Email 💌

Sign-up today and create your own profile for free!

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