You may have heard of or are currently using candidate video screening or one-way video interviewing tool. While we have been using this tool ourselves to automate highly repetitive hiring processes – like, pre-screening, scheduling interview slots with all parties involved, and even wasting time with unfit candidates (time is precious after all) – we know that as an industry, there is something important missing – the ability to streamline job posting and candidate screening in one place!

Devcurate Recruit came out of our own frustration. And we also knew that many organizations are unsatisfied with existing hiring solutions, as they are often required to operate across multiple platforms, which end up being time and cost-consuming. This is why we decided to undergo an important product development and integrate the ‘job posting’ function. This way, hiring teams can do their hiring more efficiently and with less time. 

So how does it work? 

With this new integration, for every position (Job Card) you create, you can now create a job posting / job announcement using our ‘Easy Apply’. This is where you can set application questions and accept applications directly to our platform. Once a job is created, you can use a dedicated job URL found in each Job Card to advertise the position through your various networks including social media platforms.  

Customise your application questions via Easy Apply

RECEIVING APPLICATIONS: when receiving applications you can add initial comments, quickly shortlist, or send email rejection to unsuccessful candidates. You can then move the shortlisted candidates to the ‘Easy Screening’ funnel, which will automatically be linked to our Candidate Video Screening tool. This way you can streamline and automate your sourcing and screening step in one place without needing to juggle between platforms. 

Seamlessly move candidates from Application to Screening funnel

SCREEN / INTERVIEW CANDIDATES: Simply create screening questions in the ‘Easy Screening’ step and invite shortlisted candidates through the system. All the hiring managers (Collaborators) you added in each Job Card will be able to provide feedback and assess candidates’ performance. Our system automatically ranks the candidates for each position. 

Use Easy Screening to screen/interview candidates in “Easy Screening” funnel.

KANBAN BOARD: Using our suggested funnel steps or adding new steps is easy with our Kanban board. You can add another “screening step” for additional video interviews or a “normal step” for further selection (e.g. internal assessment, final face-to-face interview) that reflect your actual hiring pipeline. Move candidates where they belong and take appropriate actions, like sending rejection emails or making an offer.  

Manage and track all candidates easily with our KANBAN board

Although some recruiters were happy with our Candidate Video Screening tool, and that’s great. But we knew that there was something missing at the global level. For most recruiters, identifying the right candidate with the right skill and team-fit is important, but speed and efficiency are also key for successful recruitment…With this integrated feature and more flexibility, we hope to improve the way hiring is currently done especially in the remote working context” shared our CEO, Aanas Ali. 

We continue to uphold our ethos of excellence with the drive to create products that make a real difference in the lives of recruiters as well as candidates. We are excited to introduce this new upgrade to you especially because it has significantly benefited us internally. At Devcurate, we listen to our users’ voices very closely, so we look forward to your feedback as you explore our products.