The recruitment process can get hectic and time-consuming. With the fast-paced digital age rising along with the Covid-19 pandemic, recruiters look for alternative technologies to level up their hiring game beyond crises and geographical boundaries. Our solution? One-way video interviews!

Hiring with one-way video interviews carves an edge in the employment market through its efficiency, accessibility, and inclusivity. Thanks to the developments in digitalisation, one-way video interviewing could be a total game-changer.

What are one-way video interviews?

One-way video interviews – sometimes referred to as candidate video screening –  assist recruiters in pre-screening and evaluating candidates through a strategic, purpose-made platform asynchronously.

Using the interviewing platform, recruiters send a list of pre-determined questions to the candidates. Candidates then record their video responses and send them back for evaluation anytime and anywhere.

While it does not replace live interviews, one-way video interviewing is an efficient strategy to narrow down the field of candidates during the initial hiring stage. The hiring team can sift through responses quickly, evaluate applications collaboratively, and eliminate unsuitable applicants early on. 

By tapering the field of candidates, hiring teams can invest their time in and focus on the few most qualified candidates during the synchronous or live interviews. This strategy allows the hiring process to go on faster than ever.


Since the first quarter of 2020, businesses have been pushed to pivot into hiring and managing a remote workforce. Because of the benefits of remote hiring and work, research suggests that 22% of the workforce will switch to remote trends. That’s a whopping 87% increase from pre-pandemic statistics!

So, what’s in it for you? Let’s dive into the benefits of hiring with asynchronous interviews and understand its valuable impact on the employment landscape. 

One-way Video Interviews

Benefits to Interviewers

1. Time Efficiency & Flexibility

On average, it takes up to 42 days to hire a new employee the traditional way. That takes over a month of your time! A lengthy hiring process is not ideal for someone with piles of work to tend to daily. 

Never worry about who is available when. With one-way video interviews, everything can be done asynchronously. Employers can interview anyone, anytime, anywhere via a single platform.

We understand the inconvenience of schedule conflicts plus a 20 to 50% rate of no-shows in traditional hiring. Thankfully, one-way video interviewing saves time by allowing hiring teams to evaluate a good fit early on, even before inviting and scheduling them for a face-to-face interview.

2. Cost Efficiency

Not only is the traditional hiring process time-consuming, but it is also expensive.

Businesses have reported approximately $4,000 cost per hire under traditional hiring. And on average, it takes six months for a company to break even on its recruitment expense in a new hire. However, if a company falls short and hires the wrong person for a position, $14,900 is lost from the company’s budget for every bad hire. 

Fortunately, your company can cut costs and improve the ROI with the right hiring technology.

One-way video interviewing optimises a company’s budget and maximises the value of the hiring technology through automation. In fact, Global Workplace Analytics states that companies can save around $11,000 per employee each year after switching to remote hiring trends!

3. More Personality Fit

A key feature of one-way video interviews is tapping into a candidate’s personality, values, and skills early in the hiring. By asking culture-fit questions early on, for example, interviewers can sift through applications and select who can advance on the process even before meeting the candidates. 

Determining a qualified prospective employee during the initial screening stage streamlines the hiring process. Not only does it save time, but it also reduces the risk of a bad hire.

4. Easy Collaboration

Hiring with one-way video interviews encourages collaborative decision-making among recruiters, hiring managers, and stakeholders. 

Hiring teams can quickly view and evaluate the responses through the built-in feedback features of the platform. They can share their thoughts before finalising any decision. With this hiring tool, everyone in the hiring team is involved and heard!

5. Reduce Unconscious Biases

Albeit unconsciously, implicit bias can occur during interviews. LinkedIn numbers reveal that 42% of recruiters believe that interview bias is a downside of traditional interviews. Biases, like the halo and horn effect, can significantly affect hiring and result in unheard voices of many talented candidates.  

But we believe every talent deserves to be seen. Thankfully, one-way video interviews promote a fair and inclusive recruitment process. One-way video interviewing prevents interviewers from falling into the trap of cognitive biases.

Candidates are given the same questions and deadlines during the initial screening stage to diversify the recruitment. With standardised job-relevant questions, there will be no room for small talk between interviewees and candidates. This uniform setup gives all candidates an equal shot.

Benefits to Candidates

Nope, video interviewing does not only benefit companies. There are several benefits to this technology that candidates will thank their lucky stars for!

One-way Video Interviews

1. Convenience

If a candidate is working, scheduling conflicts may arise when hiring traditionally. They may be too preoccupied to attend physical meetings or answer phone calls. However, they can record one-way video interviews in the best possible environment at their convenient time. 

2. Global Reach

Candidates can be interviewed from the other side of the globe remotely. Rather than traversing around the world and spending money on travel costs, candidates can send back their responses to international clients in just a few clicks.

3. Less Pressure

Job hunting is already tough for applicants, all the more braving job interviews. The good thing about one-way video interviewing is that candidates can record their videos when and where they feel their best. 

By filming video responses in their comfort zone, candidates can boost their confidence and present their strongest abilities. You see, shy candidates can spread their wings like social butterflies, too!

And if the company allows, candidates can also re-shoot their videos when they feel the need to enhance their better-than-best foot forward. 


Hiring with one-way videos is not black and white. It is beneficial but not perfect. Like any other tool, one-way interviewing has potential challenges that you might encounter. 

One-way Video Interviews

Let’s look into the challenges of one-way video interviews and how you can break through them.

Technical Problems

One-way video interviews require clear audio and video streams and a stable internet connection, which can disadvantage some candidates with connectivity issues and streaming problems. 

Moreso, candidates must connect to and navigate the platform to run the interviews. Candidates who aren’t particularly tech-savvy might encounter difficulties when using the platform.

The best thing for companies is to consider an interviewing platform that’s reliable and easy to access. With straightforward and seamless hiring technologies, you’re good to go!

No Probing

One-way interviewing lessens real-time conversations. If a candidate wishes to clarify questions, they may not be given an option to do so during the asynchronous interview stage.

To solve this, recruiters can ask candidates to pose their questions by the end of their videos, which companies can answer later during final synchronous interviews. 


Understanding the benefits and challenges of one-way video interviews can help you decide whether this technology is for you. This useful hiring strategy helps companies improve their recruitment process through efficiency, accessibility, and inclusivity. 

The best thing? Companies can interview anyone, anytime and anywhere!

With the right tool, you can spot the right people faster.

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One-way Video Interviews
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