💡 This User Guide is catered to Account Owner (Main PoC) for initial setup.

With your account activated and verified, first action you may like to take is set up your organization information and add relevant hiring team members to your account.

Add company logo and description

Click ‘Organization‘ in the left panel of the dashboard. Upload your company logo and add short description in the ‘Organization Info’ section.

Important: Your uploaded logo will be used in email communications with your candidates such as when sending interview invitation, rejection, offer emails.

Example email invitation that candidates receive when you invite them.

Add relevant team members

Click ‘Team‘ under the same section. You can add your hiring team members to your account based on the quota provided in your subscription plan.

Important: There are two membership levels or roles. Regardless of the roles, all team members will receive email invitation, from which they will be prompted to create personal password to access the hiring dashboard.

👩‍💻 Points of Contact (PoCs) — PoCs typically consist of Recruitment and Human Resources personnel within your organization. All PoCs are provided with permissions to:

  • Create Job Cards and job details.
  • Manage Job Cards including adding external applicants (in application stage) & external candidates (in screening stage).
  • Create Easy Screening and invite candidates for screening (one-way video interviews).
  • Provide comments and evaluate candidates.
  • Share candidates’ responses with non-members (via button).
  • Add Collaborators.

👨‍💻 Collaborators — Collaborators are typically Hiring Mangers within your organization who need to evaluate candidates. Collaborators added to the account are allowed to:

  • Review Job Cards which they are added to.
  • Provide comments and evaluate candidates.
  • Review summary (analytics) of each Job Card.

Important: Collaborators will ONLY see Job Cards to which they are added (by PoCs).

💡 Pro tip: By adding Collaborators early on in ‘Team’ section, you will be able to easily tag relevant Collaborators when creating new Job Cards.

Add relevant departments (optional)

In the same section, you can add all departments within your organization that are involved in hiring. Adding this ahead of time allows you to select the right department when creating new Job Cards.

You will also be able to filter Job Cards based on department on your main dashboard page.

Congratulations! You now have completed an account setup for your organization!

How to use ‘Easy Screening’