It is normal to have uncertainties in life including in your career path. Many people have shifted from one industry to another. Others have taken on roles you never expected them to. Searching for jobs is time-consuming and can be a long to-and-from process with recruiters if you are lucky. Chances are, if you missed one core requirement, your application could be easily flushed out of the talent pool. Now you wonder if you need a career coaching or the struggle is just a phase of the journey? It is a ‘yes’ to both: Yes, you need career coaching, and yes, struggles are part of forging your career path. But the former is helpful to lessen the friction of creating that path.

What is career coaching?

A professional career coach is your career support, one who can help you navigate any stage of your career. They are more than just professionals who help you fix your resume or CV, but they can analyze what could be the possible career advancement hurdles in your career path and how you can overcome them.

A career coach provides a birds-eye-view on your career, who can zoom in and out, seeing your career through a different lens. Through analysis, critical observations, and the magnitude of insights, he/she can increase your awareness of your situations, create clear options, and help you make well-informed decisions.

In a workforce that demands more from everyone each day, we naturally become competitive. Professional career coaches help you position yourself to be able to land that dream job while staying competitive within your industry.

There is a significant number of professionals and even fresh grads who cannot find their way to fulfilling their careers. Some professionals find themselves career sleepwalking — unhappy and unproductive as they lost the sight of having a meaningful job.

Professional career coaches offer help in identifying issues, clarifying them, and finding effective solutions. As individuals have different career problems, there is no universal solution to them.

Career coaches are not an ultimate panacea to the dilemmas in your career. They could, however, re-align your purpose, keeping you on track with your career goals and find the root cause of the issues you face in carving your career path.

Devcurate’s career coaches are experts and professionally-trained to help talents identify uncertainties in their careers. Well-equipped with skills, they can outline both actionable and goal-oriented steps to achieve what professionals are aiming in their careers.

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Career Coaching

When do you need career coaching?

It is a tricky question because not everyone may need career coaching after all. Depending on one’s need, a professional career coach tailors each strategy and approach to get desirable results.

For example, if you are shifting to a new industry, you might not have enough skills that can help you get a job. How do you market your skills with this new job you are applying for? How would you communicate your interest and values in your application to the recruiter in a spotless manner?

Another instance when coaching is needed is when leaders climb the career ladder taking bigger responsibilities and risks. They want to make sure that they are prepared for the job itself and not just during the interview.

Professional career coaches can help pinpoint possible shortcomings the leader has and prepare him for the challenge. Leaders work on them until they are certain that they are ready.

Is it worth the cost?

The monetary cost involved can vary anywhere from $50 to $500 per session. This depends on the coaching type and level of expertise required. The needs of professionals can differ and progress in whichever area that they want or need to work. Professional career coaching is very much suitable for anyone serious about carving their career paths regardless of career stage. Although it can be a considerable investment, the results gained in the long-term can be more than worth it. 

At Devcurate, we offer career coaching programs tailored to the impact-driven professionals helping them tackle common yet rising issues in the job market today.

Coaching is an occupational area with acquired expertise and specific learned skill sets. It allows professionals to seek clarity on what they want to do and achieve in their career and life, being more self-aware and becoming more competent and confident, among other benefits. People pay for what they get out of coaching sessions, which is the value they receive from what they invest in.

Now due to the increasing demand from the unpredictable job market, some skills that many talents are tackling through our career coaching are soft skills. These skills are equally necessary as hard skills as they can be a great advantage in landing a fulfilling career. Recruiters are always on the lookout for talents who have a great balance between these skills.

Having a professional career coach might just be what every working professional needs. Especially in the current whirlwind of unpredictable circumstances and future labor market demand. After all, the last thing you want is doubting your career for the rest of your life.


Devcurate is working in partnership with certified professional coaches from across the globe. Meet your personal career coach now:

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